Physics of the New Millennium, Birth of the New Paradigm

Eue Jin Jeong, Ph D

Our Mysterious and Beautiful Universe
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Scientific Truth
It may be true that the more absolute a scientific doctrine is believed to be the truth, the more absolutely it can be broken. I wondered at certain point of time in the past, why somebody or anybody did not raise the question on the validity of special relativity based on the fact that it violates the Newtonian mechanical principle of motion by invoking the shift of the relativistic center of mass in the rotating hemispherical rotor. One can’t move the center of mass of an object (which defines the location of the object) without exerting an external force to the object in the direction of the movement. Therefore, special relativity violates Newtonian mechanics head on, so it cannot be a valid theory. Obviously it never occurred to anybody to raise objections to special relativity based on this observation.
Fortunately, special relativity has survived and has become one of the corner stones of the modern elementary particle physics. Lorentz invariance (four dimensional transformation invariance) has become the fundamental principle of the modern elementary particle physics and as such the validity of special relativity cannot be disputed. If that is the case, the only option we have is to conclude that the Newtonian mechanical principle of motion was not entirely correct for this particular object of rotating hemispherical rotor.

This is a lot of hammering and fixing yet nevertheless it needs to be done, if not now, anytime in the future. And we now have dipole gravity. It was formally a part of general relativity but because they threw it away long time ago, they, the clan and the original school of general relativity, cannot claim it now that it is theirs. Even if they try, it will be awfully awkward after so many years of abandonment. So I have become the caretaker of dipole gravity. But I would not mind if they decide to adopt it back to their family. After all, the true blood relationship is there. They may be looking at it by now with disdain not knowing what to do with it. However, the scientific truth doesn't have prejudice nor preponderances. We love scientific truth because it cannot be broken.
This special rotating hemispherical rotor is an unstable physical object. In any physical position while rotating, the rotating hemispherical object has the duel center of mass: one that of the rest state and the other of the rotating state. It looks like in an attempt to pull the two centers of mass together, the object starts to move toward the new center of mass, yet the new center of mass is still out of reach from the old center of mass and the object continues following the new center of mass and the whole object is in continuous acceleration. The detail of this study was published with the title, Anomalous Center of Mass Shift: Gravitational Dipole Moment. I present here the full copy of the original paper published at LLNL archive and later at the Hadronic Journal in 1997 Volume 20, 95.