Physics of the New Millennium, Birth of the New Paradigm

Eue Jin Jeong, Ph D

Paradigm One : Relativistic Shift of the Center of Mass, Dipole Antigravity

        If there can be a mechanism that can explain the jets from the black hole accretion discs, it has to be from some unknown gravitational phenomenon, I thought, and went further to spend sometime to look up the book “Gravitation” by Kip Thorne et al. at the department library. I was searching for the mathematical term next to Newtonian gravity in the low energy limit of general relativity. The second term was there in the linearized theory but they deemed it as a removable mathematical artifact and they dismissed it and literally threw it away as a physically meaningless term.

The reason was because according to Newtonian mechanics, the center of mass of an object can always align with the center of the coordinate system and there is no such thing as energy dependent shift of the center of mass in Newtonian mechanics. If the center of mass changes by any means, it will be due to the continuous translational motion of the object due to the momentum conservation principle, which is nothing new. 
It did not take long to remember this little excursion from the memory and I started making connections to this mysterious shift of the center of mass of the rotating hemispherical or conic object that has longitudinal asymmetry yet has circular symmetric form in the x-y plain. It was amazing to see that all these puzzles were starting to unravel in a moment of a fraction of a second.
The gigantic theoretical puzzle and the reality of the universe were converging together at the speed of light. Newtonian gravity was not the full theory of gravity after all. In the absence of such proof that Newtonian mechanics could be violated, the interpretation of general relativity could not be made correctly and the jets from the black hole accretion discs, Saturn’s ring, GPB experimental anomaly could not be explained at the same time within the known concept of general relativity.
The magnitude of this controversy in science would be too big to comprehend. I remember the strong shock of electricity flowing through my spinal cord the moment I realized the implications and the meaning of this observation.

I started calculating the gravitational dipole field in the superposed configuration of rotating sphere and published the result in the journal Physica Scripta. The journal editors were supportive of the manuscript enough to accept the paper for publication where I derived the Lense-Thirring force from the principle of dipole gravity including the mysterious longitudinal force component. The conventional calculation of this effect from the rotating sphere in the weak field limit turned out to be zero as they have concluded long time ago that there is no dipole gravitational moment.

Paradigm Two : Breaking of the Energy Conservaiton Principle in the Theory of Electricity and Magnetism, the Moment of "Voila!!!"

        It was seemingly an endless pursuit and it felt like there is no hope of finding the key issue but only the vague idea that something must be wrong with the known theory of the electricity and magnetism. The most difficult problem was not-knowing where to look at in the first place. The subject of the theory of electricity and magnetism is a vastly wide and profoundly deep scientific principle in its coverage and application domain. It would be truly like a task of finding a needle in a haystack. It is always a good idea to focus the attention to the core of the problem to solve the mystery of the nature. Sometimes, more often than not, the secret may be hidden in plain view. Until our focus of the attention is directed onto the specific details, we can miss it entirely just because it was placed openly for everybody else to see it. As such, the plain secret of the nature does not even attempt to hide itself from anybody. It just sits there for someone to take a notice of it first.
While spending days and numerous evening hours of walking back and forth of the blocks of the street of Shetland drive at Beavercreek in Dayton Ohio after dinner pondering about the cause of this “anomaly”, I started narrowing down the problem by asking the following questions.
I noticed that quite a few of the magnetic free energy devices use the repulsive magnetic pole configuration while in operation. If that is the general arrangement of the pole configuration for magnetic free energy devices, a similar repulsive pole configuration of the electrostatic charges may be in operation in the electric free energy devices like that of Moray’s as well. Assuming that the same repulsive electrostatic charge configuration may be responsible for the electric free energy device, what exactly would be the repulsive configuration of the electrostatic charges? If we charge two aluminum foil pendulum by the same type of charges, they will repel each other and stay separated despite the gravitational pull. So what? This configuration cannot be used to extract any type of dynamical energy from it.

How about the charges inside the metallic sphere? I asked. They must repel each other also. How can you calculate this energy? At the exact moment, I suddenly realized that the repulsive electrostatic potential energy was never included in the conventional stored capacitor energy calculation of the spherical capacitor!!!!

I couldn’t believe what I have just discovered. After all, the deepest secret of the nature was lying there in plain sight waiting to be discovered by someone. The hay stack was not too bad. The core secret of the free energy device was right there in front of our eyes all those years!!!! I was jumping and dancing around on my way back home. Even though I may want to tell this story to my wife as much as I wish to, she wouldn’t understand what I was talking about. I kept it to myself to figure out how to harness this energy with actual electronic circuits.

Paradigm Three: Neutrinos are Tachyonic Magnetic Monopoles Traveling Faster than the Speed of Light

Sound waves travel through a dense medium like a metal or pressurized air molecules like the earth’s atmosphere. We know that sound waves cannot travel in empty space because the sound wave is a time variation of the atmospherics pressure within the otherwise stabilized medium in equilibrium.
This mystery can be solved if we assume that the space is filled with tachyonic magnetic monopole neutrinos. In the theory of electricity and magnetism, fast moving electrons create spiral magnetic field along its path. Due to the duality of the electric and the magnetic phenomenon, the same phenomenon can happen to the fast traveling magnetic monopoles. The symmetric property of the theory of electricity and magnetism dictates that there will be spiral electric field created by the fast moving magnetic monopoles. The random and abundant magnetic monopole’s movements in space will create cosmic soup bubbles of the electric field in space that cancels out itself in time due to the complete randomness of the tachyonic particle’s movements. Yet the space is not empty, the electromagnetic wave created in one local position will propagate due to the ripple effect of the local disturbance of the equilibrium to the other.
Now there is also one obvious question that no physicists seem to be interested in asking. And that is where all the neutrinos in the universe have gone if they are all created by the beta decay?

New Paradigm